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What is the most important thing in a movie, tv series or an animation?

For sure, tell a good story.
That’s it what we do with sound
We Tell stories, creating real or unreal worlds, emotion and feelings

Now you should be asking; how do you tell stories with sounds?

#wecando! Do you like to know more about audio production and post production for pictures? How to make foley, ADR, field recordings, mixing 5.1, news about the market, or simply how change stories?

The main idea is make you to feel and learn the sound and it’s importance

I will show you how all the creative process and technics are made, do you know why? Because I do know that we only pay for something we trust and believe.
I will share my experiences and achievements to help to grow the market skills and exchange information and stories.
fortnight we will talk about:

#wecando TOPCASES –  audio for films critical reviews and everything that can create a story

#wecando MAKING OF – how to create sensations, ideas, and make a sound universe

#wecando NEWS -news about today’s market

I hope you enjoy #wecando better together:)

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