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Do you know how to change a picture only with sound?
I will show you here. Sound Effects is emphasys something that you see on the screen, is what helps to tell the story what you want. You simply change the meaning of a scene only with the sound or silence.

Click on the video and you will see how simple is to change a movie, the image is always the same, but your feeling is complete different. There are two situations; the first is only tension with sound effects and the other just relax with the soundtrack. You will feel even more relaxed because before was very tension, so when the soundtrack begins relieves you.

Let’s do a experiment, just for a few seconds close you eye and just listen a movie try to recreate the scene in your mind then open your eye and see if it was what you are thinking, or simply a sound creating a new world to your imagination. A sound can change an image
creating sensations with sound

Here’s how we create new sensation with sound, in the Apocalypse Now (Click here ), is a example of a scene construction made by Walter Murch. Captain Willard feels like in a war with forest, helicopter, explosions, which are nowhere. But the interesting thing is when you see the fan with helicopter sound you understand that is Willard’s mind in a hotel room

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how to create sensations, ideas, and make a sound universe for a movie, technics, how to use plugins in post, tutorials

Filme A Despedida - áudio WeCanDo Audio Post

Filme A Despedida - áudio WeCanDo Audio Post

In the movie “Farewell”by Marcelo Galvão ( all audio post made by WeCanDo) it is a another example how to use sound in a emotional way. This film tell a story of an Admiral old man who is at the end of his life, performed by Nelson Xavier.

In the beginning sequence we follow the Admiral in all his difficulty and very slow movements and a serious problem of hear. I like to show you the sound as the character point of view and emphasises the agony and symbolism of his life ending. The sound create relief and agony too, you can see a proper use of the sound resource helping the story.

Follow more information about this movie.


The sound is degraded to help the story. It will be revealed after that we are at the character perspective.


Pro Tools Session. How this effect was made.

Trailer – A Despedida (Farewell)


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