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B-flat, the short film made by Mariana Youssef, was the first job of WeCanDo.


*It was nominee of  47º Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro

The soundtrack was composed by Sergio Fouad, produced, recorded and mxed in our studios. The film was shot in India and the sound stands out to insight harshness of the protagonist’s life

See the trailer below:

Farewell by Marcelo Galvão


This rich sound editing show us a old man (92 years old) with his life ending, every movement and almost deaf. Awards with Kikito of best director, best actor and best actress. Best movie in Las Tres Fronteiras festival.

All the editing and re-recording mixing done in our studios

See the trailer:

ApneaMauricio Eça


Is a film with urban and acid sounds, too synthesis and atmospheres was created to have the fear of our unconscious, trying to find a meaning of life. All editing and re-recording mixing done our studios

See the trailer here:

Last wish from Kombi – Branded Content – Fernando Groisten


The integrated campaign created by farewell of the VW Kombi back from France with 7 Cannes Lions, 2 gold in Branded content & entertainment, one bronze in Direct, one in Cyber and Film soundtrack from Lucas Lima, and all audio post made by us

see the movie:

Na Quebrada ,Fernando Grostein

Na Quebrada cartaz

It is a movie inspired by true stories, with a realistic work based in the reality of young poor people. The orchestrated score and the sound ambience very well done and rich to keep the truth of this work.

See the trailer herei:


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