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#wecando TOPCASES

Um truque para criar sons diferentes é combinar sons que podem parecer improváveis criando assim algo novo e único.

When Jurassic Park was released in 1993, moviegoers marveled at how the dinosaurs looked, but many of them never thought to marvel at what the dinosaurs sounded like.

Of course, we don’t really know what a dinosaur sounds like,Reptiles not being especially renowned for their vocal expressiveness.The key to believable dinosaur sounds, it turns out, is rooted in the actual sounds of the animal kingdom. The sounds of the Brachiosaurus, Raptors, T. rex, and the rest are in fact the meticulously mixed, matched-and-mashed-up sounds of creatures much closer at hand (and much less extinct).

It’s an old trick, used on everything from King Kong to Star Wars, but it’s everywhere in Jurassic Park,from the braying donkey that lent its voice to the Brachiosaurus to the slowed-down baby elephant’s trumpet that became the T. rex’s roar.“The trick is combining unlikely candidates and creating something new without really manipulating it a whole lot,” says Nelson. “You might place a plaintive sound of one animal next to the aggressive sound of another, creating a whole new language and a new creature.”

This painstaking slice-and-dice approach is particularly important when it comes to the cunning and communicative Velociraptors, who are chattier than ever in Jurassic World. In the first film, their extensive vocabulary is composed of the diverse vocalizations of African cranes, hissing geese, dogs, dolphins, horses, and mating tortoises.

These higher sounds—which give the creature its personality—are often paired with deeper, lower sounds, like those of a walrus or tiger, to give the overall sound size and weight.Some of the more expressive Velociraptor sounds were sourced from remarkably vocal species, including macaque monkeys, baby orangutans, and penguins. Even from Velociraptor to Velociraptor, efforts were made to distinguish the different vocal personalities of the individual animals: a bit of baboon in this one, a little otter in that one.

I want to show you the sound of the film ” incredibles ” from Pixar. With sounds of knifes grinders were used along with Formula 1 cars to create the sound of vehicles. They needed to look dangerous andfast to emphasize the new superhero’s powers. See the video above and listen the sounds !

#wecando MAKING OF


I want show you this animation how overlapping sounds we can create a new own unique sound effect. This is a child animation and we needed to create a funny way to show the first airplane in the world flying (Santos Dumont’s airplane).

We use three sounds, the first a common engine sound just to give some veracity. The second  is also a real plane’s sound to give speed and the third a vocal element, an engine sound made with the mouth to give some fun.

Using the sounds together we can create something unique and different and more powerfull.