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#wecando TOPCASES

Creating illusion was one of the biggest additions to the art of film by sound.

A man and a woman walk into a café. Several other people are sitting at various table in deep conversation.

The main couple sits at a table and a series of close ups for their conversation are presented.

By adding the sound of the off-scene diners the audience is convinced that they are still in the café. Obviously, the producer does not want to pay a group of extras to sit off camera.

The sound editor places them there with his crowd walla for the sound  (Walla is an industry term for the sound of people talking without hearing specific words)

A woman is sitting in her living room. The door opens and her husband walks into the room.  With the addition of a few sound effects, it is possible to inform the audience that he has driven up to the house, parked his car, walked to the door, and used his key to unlock the door.

None of this was shot. It was an illusion created with effects.

A safari makes it through the jungle.

The sound editor cuts a lion roar. Not has he placed a lion in the film where none exists but he has also placed the safari in danger.

The grave escape from Kill Bill 2. This scene was a illusion creating with sound effects, especially with breath and some kind of room tone. With only this The silence is also a nice trick to create tension. Wylie Stateman (sound supervisor), and his team create one of the most distressful scene I ever seen.

#wecando MAKING OF


let me show to you how create some very cool effect using a doppler.

To create a propeller effect we used some weird wind as source and with GMR tools doppler plugin we give the “rotation” oscillation effect.

It is very effective to use this because you can control the speed of the rotation, and synchronize with the movie, click on the image to see the video how easy and effective is to do this in a lot of other effetcs.