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The audio works is part of identity of a picture, that can provide even more life to this art. If you don’t tell the right story all the movie lose expression.

So it’s essential all the background from all process be together art and creativity.This is one of our commitments: to maintain the essence of the artistic expression, preserving the language and faithful to the main idea.

Here we provide texts with some tips and ideas, to show how important is a great post production work, And also exchange informations.

“How sinthsizers change the movies”

It was 1963 when the movie Birds was released. This was the first movie with a Sound Design, the sound as a essential component of the story, creating atmosphere and suspense. Sometimes you cannot see the birds, but you can hear and feel them. So that create a new emotion for the viewer. Here is the final sequence of this work;

“The sound of a movie is a form of expression”

The WCD works with sound is an art of innovation. So we are not satisfy only promoting what we did, but we suggest some good movies, discuss about sound design all around the world. After all, inspiration most is important to art always be innovative.

The sound design work on the short movie “Confusion Through Sand”, for example is impeccable.

You can immerse though sound,  in an inhospitable atmosphere of a battleefield mixed with an old village destroyed by the war. The audio’s work here show us the emotion of the characters only with noise (movements, clothes, and their breath)  This traditional animation is beautiful and full of life. This is a must short film watch it below, following the making of. Enjoy


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