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#wecando TOPCASES

We need to have creative sound methods to do sound desgn and crete new sounds.
See in the video bellow you get to see the sound of in Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. artists Spend days on an electric guitar playing, or with a screwdriver. It’s always awesome to see behind the scenes of movie making magic


 #wecando MAKING OF

Redução de ruído   RX5 Izotope

Everything generates noise: air conditioner, computer noise, cameras, cars, and a lot more.

And how to deal with this?

A noise reduction plugins do a great work to repair the damage audio.It is simple to use, but there is some tricks to sound natural and avoid sound artifacts.

I will show you how to do this in RX5 de-noise from Izotope.(click on the image to see the video)

First isolate with the noise with the “learn” button and reduce troublesome background noise

1 – isolated noise samples get better results.
2 – use in audio suite to avoid delays – especially in better resolution
3 – Always duplicate the audio to have a way back
4 – Don’t use excessively.

the trick is listen only the noise and isolate it, set the
Threshold and Noise Reduction parameters as soon as you start to listen the voice you will be near of the sweet spot, put it a bit back and disable the “output only” button and render it!