Master Chain

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#wecando MAKING OF


A lot  of people ask me what I use in my master buss chain, and one thing that I use all the time is saturarion.
It adds tone, vibe, help the impact. There are some plugins that I use all times, and each one give me some characteristics that works better for each project.

To give me some bigness bigness in the low mid I use the warmth button the Sonnox  dynamics

A similar effect is the Inflator, but for me it adds more punch and
 definition and sure a lot of harmonics, but you have more control with the curve effect )more mid or more mid effect).
Sometime I use a small amount of both (the warmth and the inflator), using “warmth” to give more bignes and the inflator  to give the punch.
If my mix needs more more clarity , the free saturation know is amazing it is a bit brighter than the Sonnox plugins for me.

And the last but not the least – the phoenix from crane song also give some great color to my master chain and emulate very different tape distortions!
You need to be carefull to not overuse them, but saturation always give to me puch and make my mixes simple sound better.