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#wecando TOPCASES

Randy Thom is one of the best sound designers working in movies.

On Cast Away (2000), Zemeckis told him that during the 45 minutes in which the Tom Hanks character was marooned on a desert island, there would be no music and only a few of dialogue. 

 Zemeckis told him that he wanted to heighten the sense of Hanks’s isolation by eliminating any insect sounds or bird songs or frog calls. “At that point, I really started to panic,” Thom says. “You’re taking every arrow out of my quiver.”

So Thom show the sounds make you feel. When Hanks was in a certain cove on the island, for instance, Thom used a wind sound whose musical quality was melancholy. The audience identified it as just a wind, “but I knew it was going to have an emotional effect on them.”

(from Dolby Laboratories)

Cast Away (3/8) Movie CLIP - I Have Made Fire! (2000) HD

#wecando MAKING OF


I like to show you how to create a creative environment, which helps tell the story. Starting from a simple element, the wind, we used some plugins to create more complex sounds and movements. This is a child animation  “The Small Pirates” from Tortuga Studios, in this scene we needed to create an environment explaining to children what a northern lights, but in a fantasy and funny way. We used effects based on processed winds to sculpt and construct the sound. 

First effect – this effect is  create wind movements. To do that we used a Plug & Mix the Tremolo – which is basically a amplitude variation, the also used the Eventide delays with LFOs variations (which are variations of volumes, frequencies with delays).

Second effect – the wind with Glitch from Eventide H3000 to create particles in the air, and give dimension, The Glitch is basically a malfunction simulation of electronic devices, creating some noises and “crispness” into the wind sound.

Third effect – one pitch variation with modulation (pitch) that just adds body and makes the sound of the wind “larger than life!”

These three effects we use something that is very curious to create a great movement for the sound, which is the automation EQs and filters, creating variations of frequencies and amplitudes, accentuating the movement, check out the video above!