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How to create new reverbs

Record your own IRs means you can sample and apply the reverb found in places you visit to any clip in your sound library.

That means you can place theatre dialogue in the precise location where a film scene was shot.

– Find a location. Find a spot with appealing reverb. The location.

– Playback a sweep. Play the sweep file, clap the clapperboard, or pop a balloon, as loud as possible.

– Open the Altiverb plug-in in Pro Tools

– Select Altiverb’s “IR Import” tab. THen click the bottom pull-down menu. That will allow you to choose the type of sweep or clap you used.

If you need to match audio from a film set and the only thing you can find to make an impulse response from is the slate clap, you can cut it out drop it onto Altiverb and make an IR out of it.

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One thing that I like to use is reverb in dialogs.In a comedy movie that we Just did called love’s terapy from tortuga Studios from Alexandre Reineck (director)

We used 2 Basic reverbs on the dialog!  Fist one Altiverb going only to the center Speaker (that give me depht) and a Phoenix reverb going to the LCR to give bigness.

The Phonenix reverb in LCR is panned somente of 20 percent,  to give more focus to the sound.pan is very important to you give the “right”  size for the sound. And the pan helps to fit the sound on the scene.

If you put a hard left and hard righ pans you will have a bigger sound!  but less focus, that is needed for a dialog!

Your audience need to know where the sound comes, to not distract and lose the story of the movie and give a sound larger thank real

So the reverb help a lot on dialogs, I use in all movies, but you need to be carefuul with the focus.(Use the pan)