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#wecando TOPCASES

Functions of Sound

  • Physical Representation – The old line, “See a dog, hear a dog.” It’s building the world around the characters and placing the characters in that world. This is a really low-level basic function.


  • Directing Attention – Sounds can draw the eye to a specific portion of the screen, or away from it. What do we want the audience to see? What do we want them to ignore. The way the visual edit is constructed has a strong effect on where the viewer’s attention goes, and sound can augment and solidify that direction.


  • Characterization – The sounds we attribute to objects and people tells us about their nature, and helps add meaning to their existence and actions.


  • Provide Perspective – Sound can help place the viewer in the moment. Are they supposed to be connecting to a specific character? Are they supposed to understand the inner workings of some device? The sounds we choose to include tell the viewer, even if it’s only at a subconscious level, what lens they’re viewing the story through. This can have a major impact on the way the story is interpreted.


  • Commentary – Sound can provide comment on the actions and events on screen. For a simple example, think of any comedic moment that uses sound to punctuate the gag (Looney Tunes anyone?). Want to provide a little wink or nudge to the audience? Sound is a great way to do this.
  • Designing sound

#wecando MAKING OF


Today we gonna talk about how create evil voices effects for cartoons.

This is Gemini 8 animation from TV Pinguim, this cartoon was the first cartoon licensed from Disney in Brazil. 


Like we always say, we need to tell stories with the sound, in this scene we need to create a voice that scary, and the characters be afraid of the school inspector from another planet.  And how to do this?


We used first a rcompressor only to avoid peaks and give some presence and characther to the voice, a low cut to clean the low end, 


and here the trick a distortion cutting all the highs together with a very slow oscilation flanger effect it.  


See how this 2 plugins toghether give some scary for children. 


See without them we lose the power of the voice.