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#wecando TOPCASES

Creating Punch and bass to sintesized weapons:
You can further enhance your weapon sound by adding a short synthesized sound

something like a kick drum. A kick made of a pure sine wave with a fast descending pitch envelope that starts somewhere around 1 kHz and goes all the way down usually works well to support a gunshot in the low-frequency region. Of course, experimentation is the key. The recordings of mortars, cannons, and explosions as well as kick drums — all work well to make a gun punchy and thunderous.

Just remember to cut the unused or unwanted frequencies with an EQ above the bass region to make up space for other layers in the spectrum.


 #wecando MAKING OF


we gonna talk about how to use multiple delay effects. Delay forms the basis for a wide range of effects, and you can create depth, and some interesting ilusions for your viewer.  Using multiple delays you can create sound fields of such density that they start to take on some of the qualities we’d more usually associate with reverb.
Something that I really like is to use it especially in surround is nice to create a bigger space.

One nice thing is use multiple delays with a slight different parameters. And one delay will modulate each other.

In this example 3 H-delays were used
Delay 1 – a 1/8th note with a medium feedback and a analog distortion
Delay 2 – faster delay with a lot feedback with a high pass/ low pass and lo-fi distortion
Delay 3 – a 1/8  note delay with lo-fi distortion and a send to delay 2.

experiment with automating different delays on different words. It’s give a level of  sophistication. See how it sounds and how do this in the video above.