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#wecando TOPCASES

The structure for designing almost any real gun can be summed up in the following main parts:


• Body – actual gunshot
• Mechanics layer — magazine, safety switch, scope, trigger and bolt action sounds
• Bass (Punch) — low-frequency layer to enhance a weapon


Despite seeming limited for our subject, such structure provides a good backbone for designing any futuristic gun. However, it can be expanded to a much wider list of possible elements to accommodate better realism and uniqueness.


Possible elements of a sci-fi weapon:


• Activation sensors (safety on/off) — scanning sounds, confirmation or denial sounds
• Retracting/unfolding sounds — metallic clicks, servos, electronic sounds
• Intelligent aiming system — scanning enemies through a visor/scope, zoom sounds, laser aiming
• Charging – often used for big, slow-firing guns
• Energy discharge — this is one of the key elements in a weapon. It can be any matter or a heavy projectile, depending on a concept, but the possibilities are truly endless. Dark matter, antigravity, electromagnetic discharge, electricity, fire, liquid nitrogen, cold plasma, slicing beams and many more
• Heat management — sounds of overheating, overloading upon discharge, failure
• Rotating barrels — speeding up, slowing down


Foley is a very important part for any feature film, it gives truth and movement to the scenes. But how to make them appear in their dense mixes with dialog,music and sound effects?

The best way is to accentuate its transients. So they will go through your mix without having to give more gain. Even in dense mixes full track effects

These transients allow you to identify better the Foleys without disturbing the dialogue, which is the most important thing in the movies, I’ll show you a techinique to do this in an animation called the show Luna TV Penguin, is the most seen design of the Discovery kids in Brazil, and all post production was made in WeCanDo Audio post facility.

There are some plugins for accent transient, but the evolution of Sonox have a lot of great features allowing isolate certain frequencies and accentuate them. see how:I have in my eolution auxiliar track, where all my Foleys are going to,Just clicking on the frequency button,

And I will accentuate a little more of the middle frequiencias the foleys bring up to life. I will turn the transient button a bit more. Snd you can see the Scope Envelope what we are acetuating , Transient is the yellow lineCan you hear only what you are adding to the sound with the off button.

The attack button is used to detect the speed of transitent, in the case of our Foleys, the hold allows has more sustain, in which case we will let it fast,  as well as the release because I only need to increase the attack of the transient,. The sensitivity button will detect how many lower transients will be accented or not!Hear the mix as it works with and without the stress transients, click on the image to see the video