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Do you know what Foley is?
Foley effects are sound effects added to the film during post production.

They include sounds such as footsteps, clothes rustling, crockery clinking, paper folding, doors opening and slamming, punches hitting, glass breaking and a lot more.

The boom operator’s job is to clearly record the dialogue, and only the dialogue.  Every footsteps, clothes, etc is performed by a foley artist, edited and added to the movie, so this way we have complete control over the timing, quality, and relative volume of the sound effects. Helping even more the story.

criação e gravação de foleys nos estúdios WeCanDo audio post

Some small history

Foley art is actually named after this man, who was the first ever foley artist.

Despite all the advancement in special effects, recording equipment, and technology, the same original process originated by Jack Foley is still in use today.

A few tricks of the trade include, squeezing cornstarch boxes for the sound of walking in snow. Old wooden chairs can make realistic sounds for creaky floors… hacking through watermelons for gruesome, gushing type sounds.. slapping leather gloves together to recreate the sounds of the flapping wings of pigeons… rubbing different fabrics together to create the sounds of clothing.

Performing foley work, requires meticulous attention to detail and the subtle nuances of everyday events. The foley artist is a master of improvisation.

Jack Donovan Foley was the developer of many sound effect techniques used in filmmaking. He is credited with inventing the process of adding sound effects, such as footsteps and environmental sounds, to films.

Accordingly, individuals engaged in this trade are called “Foley artists”. His crucial founding role in the development of Foley is documented in the 2009 book The Foley Grail.

Instead of using pre-recorded, generic sounds, Foley’s process involved creating sounds in real time, synchronized to individual productions to give them a more realistic feel.

#wecando MAKING OF

I’ll show you a Foley’s production and how we reconstruct the sound of a scene in the movie Chatô the King of Brazil.

It has 3 parts: the first is only the direct sound – captured on the film set , the second is only the foley recorded and edited , and the third the mixed film.

1 – sound recorded in the film’s set

2 Foley effects recorded and edited

3 Scene mixed.


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