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Animated Voices

Voice Actors Recording.

There are many types of recording sessions. Sometimes, every character is recorded separately, then edited and mixed together later But the best way to perform is record  everybody in the same studio.  so you have the opportunity to hear how the other actors say their lines and respond naturally.

After all recordings and editing the movie will be animated with this voices

When the animation ready we have one more recording session to complete reactions and actions made ready animation.

Often we see the moves and the feature of the actors the characters they represent and give your personality to them.




Voices of Monsters Inc– Pixar

#wecando MAKING OF

I will show you how to do some typical animation’s voices .

There is a cool technique to create big voices as “Gods”.

This technique can be used for many other types of sounds that require a larger than life effects

I use a exciter bass into a reverb, it makes the reverb sound really big!
In this case, I used the  Metric Halo eq , thats sound great to give more body without mud in this voice, I always use a fast compressor in dialog channel (in this case oxford) and slower and colored type of compressor, like Fairchild in dialog aux.

For the purpose of spatiality use a simple reverb (dverb) and Maxbass Exiter to give a spatiality and a giant size to the voice!


Funny voices

A funny technique is record in slow and with pitch shift  in a voice to create voices and funny effects!

Hear the mouse (Leslie). First we see at normal speed and then at twice the speed and pitch shift.



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