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#wecando TOPCASES

The Indiana Jones Punch is a classic sound effect.  It was created by Ben Burtt and his team at Skywalker Sound for Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Here is a great video on Youtube showing off the punch sounds in Indiana Jones:

The Punch was created from hitting gloves and jackets with a baseball bat

they recorded a whip and distorted the analog pre-amps (which created a boom-y impact)

From these two pieces of information, and listening to the sounds in the movie, I believe it was a combination of the whip they recorded and a baseball bat leather hit.

That Indiana Jones Punch!

#wecando MAKING OF

Time-based effects include all processes where some form of manipulation of time occurs to the signal.

This includes things like delays and echos, chorusing, flanging (short delays with modulation), phasing (shifting signals by very small amounts of time),reverbs (essentially numerous delay), pitch transposers and Harmonizers (slowing or speeding the signal while adding or removing slices to keep it in time with the music), etc.

These effects all change the signal’s timing in one way or the other to produce the desired result, thus they are time-based effects.
See someways to use time-based effect to get dialog more excitement and help the story of a movie

click on the image to see the video 

click on the image to see the video